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Divorce & Separation Sadly, more than 110,000 marriages across Great Britain end in divorce each year. So, if you are going through a divorce or a separation, you certainly aren’t alone.

Whether you are on the receiving end of a divorce petition or you wish to initiate proceedings yourself, it’s likely that you will be concerned about what the future holds for you and how the separation will impact your financial security and potentially your ability to support your children.

Here at No.1 Solicitors, we understand how challenging divorce or dissolution can be. That’s why our divorce and finance solicitors strive each day to reduce the stress and time involved in divorce, whilst ensuring that your best interests are protected and the outcome reflects your requirements.

How are finances divided upon divorce?

There are various ways of resolving financial matters during the divorce process, but ultimately it depends on whether you and your partner can reach an agreement through mediation or collaborative law.

These options are known as ‘alternative dispute resolution’ and allow both parties to save costs associated with attending court while retaining autonomy on the decisions that will ultimately determine their future.

If it is not possible for you and your partner to reach an agreement outside of court, both your financial positions will be assessed and a financial settlement decided by a judge. The judge will weigh out the needs of both sides, carefully assessing:

  • The income and earning capacity of both parties
  • The age of both parties
  • The duration of the marriage
  • The standard of living enjoyed by the family before the breakdown of the marriage
  • The physical and mental capacity of both parties

If court proceedings become inevitable, rest assured that our dedicated team will be at hand for practical advice, robust representation and legal support at each stage.

If you and your partner are facing divorce and you are concerned about how your finances will be affected, get in touch with our divorce and finance solicitors today on 0161 393 6880.

How can No.1 Solicitors help you through divorce?

At No.1 Solicitors, we believe that divorce doesn’t have to drag out. With the assistance advice of an accomplished professional, divorce can be dealt with efficiently, and can ensure that the end of your relationship does not mean the end of your financial security.

That’s where we come in. Since we opened our doors, our priority has been to protect the interests of our clients, using our refined skill in negotiation and an extensive knowledge in family law to achieve positive solutions.

Working closely with a growing network of specialists, we can provide expert analysis and services ranging from finance and health to child care and support. This enables us to provide you with a full support package that will cater for all your needs and requirements. You can rely on us for help through:

  • Division of assets
  • Financial settlements
  • Child Maintenance
  • Mediation
  • Collaborative Law

Well known for our dedication to clients, our divorce and finance solicitors aim to be available round the clock, providing 24/7 legal support during what can often be a distressing time. With this level of support, you can begin to focus on your future and put the past to rest.

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We can offer affordable finance options which will be tailored around you.
To find out more please contact us for a free initial consultation on 0161 393 6880 or email us at [email protected].


Our solicitors are here to support you at every step of the way so that you never feel anxious during such distressing times.

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