Alcohol Urine Tests

Have you been asked to take an alcohol urine test to prove that you’re under the legal limit for driving with alcohol in your system? Here at 1Solicitors, we aim to make you understand the process for alcohol urine tests, your rights and the repercussions that may come from being over the legal alcohol limit.

In this guide, we’ve put together everything you need to know about EtG alcohol tests – including when you might get one, the legal limits and penalties for being over this.

Types of drug and alcohol urine tests

Typically, there are two types of test that can assess how much alcohol is in your urine. These are:

Standard urine tests

When alcohol enters the body, it can leave through blood, sweat or the urine. For this reason, standard urine tests that take a sample and look for any traces are alcohol may be used for people who are suspected of drink driving.

However, this type of test to measure the alcohol in urine is not always accurate. Human bodies create a type of yeast, which can turn blood sugar into alcohol when passed out as urine. This is an especially serious problem for diabetes as it may show that they’re over the legal limit without actually drinking an alcoholic drink.

EtG tests

Because standard urine tests can be unreliable, you may be asked to take an ETG alcohol test. This method doesn’t look directly for alcohol in urine; instead, it looks for the by-products created by your body when alcohol has been digested.

The EtG substance stays in your body for much longer than alcohol – typically 3-5 days. For that reason, this type of EtG urine alcohol test can be used to:

  • Test people who’ve been ordered to avoid alcohol after previously being convicted of a drink-driving related case
  • Test professionals, such as pilots, medical professionals and lawyers, who are unable to drink alcohol while working in their position
  • Test whether someone under the legal drinking age has consumed alcohol

Urine alcohol limits in England and Wales

The amount of alcohol that you’re legally allowed to drive with depends on your country’s law. However, for motorists in England and Wales, this limit is 107 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milligrams of urine.

What happens if you’re over the limit?

If you’re over the legal limit for alcohol in urine, you may be charged with some kind of alcohol and driving-related offence – even if you weren’t actually driving. Motorists who have shown an intention to drive can still be prosecuted if they’ve taken an alcohol urine test and have results over the legal limit.

The most common consequence for being over the limit is a driving ban, imprisonment or a hefty fine. The penalty that you receive depends on how much alcohol was in your system.

Why choose our team?

The 1Solcitors team have years of experience working with all kinds of alcohol tests, including EtG alcohol tests, and are confident that we’ll be able to explain your rights. Not only does this help you if you discover that you’re over the limit, but we have an excellent defence team who can work tirelessly to defend your case in Court.

To book your appointment today and speak to one of our legal professionals, simply call 0330 053 7117 or fill in our online contact form. We can’t wait to discuss your options with you!


What happens if I refused to do an alcohol urine test? Failing to provide any sort of specimen for analysis is a criminal offence. Doing so is another charge, and you may see another penalty for not providing a urine sample when requested.

What is EtG? Standing for Ethyl Glucuronide, EtG is a by-product that your body creates when digesting alcohol.


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