Beauty Treatment Claims

Have you suffered from a beauty or hair injury that wasn’t your fault? You may be entitled to compensation to cover your loss of earnings and medical treatment expenses for your injury.

Here at 1Solicitors, we understand that beauty and hair injuries can have a significant impact on your daily life. It’s not just your appearance that can be affected, but suffering with a hair or beauty injury can knock your self-confidence and cause severe pain.

That’s why we have empathetic and supportive beauty treatment solicitors that can help to get the compensation that you deserve for your injury, all whilst providing constant legal advice to improve the chances of successfully being awarded a settlement fee.

How are beauty injury claims classified?

In order to assess the severity of your cosmetic treatment, beauty injuries can be classified between ‘minor’ and ‘severe’. Some examples of injuries within these categories include:

  • Minor injuries: Bruises or cuts and first-degree burns
  • Severe injuries: More severe burns, head injuries or hair loss and injuries that require urgent medical attention.

The amount of compensation that you’re able to claim for as a result of your beauty or hair injury depends on the severity of your injury. However, these types of injury are often hard to classify, so it’s important to get a professional cosmetic injury lawyer to explore the best route for getting the financial settlement that you deserve.

Causes of beauty and hair injury

Whether you’re in a salon, a hairdressers or having your beauty treatment done by a mobile beautician, you’re able to claim compensation for injuries caused by the following:

  • Nail treatments
  • Reactions to dyes, such as being burnt by hair dye
  • Minor cosmetic injuries, such as Botox and lip fillers
  • Hair loss and/or scalp injuries
  • Wax and laser burns
  • Allergic reactions shown if not given the appropriate tests beforehand, such as a patch test

Who can make a beauty treatment claim?

If you’re experienced a beauty injury within the past three years, you’re able to escalate the case and fight for compensation. In order to do this, you must take photographs of your injuries, keep receipts of any financial costs you’ve incurred as a result of the injury and report your injury to the managerial team of the salon it took place in.

Can I still make a beauty treatment claim if I used a mobile beautician?

Yes! As long as your beauty injury was caused by somebody else’s negligence, you’re able to make a claim with the help of our beauty treatment solicitors.

How long after my injury can I make a claim?

As long as your accident took place within the past three years, you’re still eligible to claim compensation.

Establishing liability for beauty treatment claims

When it comes to fighting for compensation for your beauty injury claim, it’s important to establish liability for the accident. This means that the person who was at-fault must be notified of your injury and accept the blame.

Unfortunately, some salons or beauticians can dispute liability and try to pass the blame. Whilst this makes it more difficult to claim beauty treatment compensation, it’s important to remember that it’s still possible for the case to be successful.

If you get the advice of a specialist beauty treatment solicitor, they will be able to advise the best way on how to progress with a case in which liability isn’t being admitted.

How much can you claim for a hair injury?

If you’ve suffered with a beauty treatment injury, there are two types of compensation that you can be awarded for your accident. These are:

General damages

This compensation covers all damage of your physical injuries, including the pain and any ongoing health problems that come as a result of your injury. Psychological damage can also be included in this category of beauty treatment compensation.

Special damages

This covers expenses for travelling to receive treatment, medical expenses, the cost of prescriptions and the loss of income or earning potential.

Making no-win, no-fee beauty injury claims

Beauty Treatment Claims

Any type of beauty injury can have potentially life-changing effects on your life, such as chronic health problems and social alienation. This is why our team of beauty injury solicitors work to establish liability of the accident and help you to be awarded the compensation that you deserve.

We offer a no-win, no-fee agreement on all beauty treatment claims, allowing you to rest assured knowing that you’re able to be constantly clear on your finances. This begins with your very first appointment!

To discuss your treatment with one of our cosmetic injury lawyers, contact us today. We’ve helped hundreds of people who’ve suffered with a beauty treatment injury that wasn’t their fault and we’re confident that we can help get the compensation you deserve.

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