Bus Accident Compensation Claims

Travelling by bus is considered to be a safe way to travel.  Bus accidents do sometimes happen. If you were involved in an accident on a bus then you may be able to make a bus accident compensation claim.

As buses do not carry seatbelts the risk of injury can be high when you have an accident on a bus.  If you are involved in an accident on the bus or you were hit by a bus, you may want to look into making a bus accident compensation claim.

What are the most common causes resulting in an accident on bus?

There are many causes resulting in accidents on buses, the most common being:

  • The driver may have lost concentration; this can be by a passenger, pedestrian or other road user.
  • A pedestrian may walk into the bus’s path
  • A bicycle or motorcycle may have caused the bus to have an accident
  • When a passenger is getting onto the bus the driver may close the door too soon.
  • A passenger may slip on liquid or trip on rubbish left on the bus floor causing them to fall.
  • When a passenger is making their way to the seat the driver may accelerate before they have time to sit down.
  • If the brakes are applied suddenly the passenger may hit their head on the seat in front.
  • You may be hit by bus when you are waiting at a bus stop.
  • Another driver may cause the bus to veer off course due to obstruction causing accident on the bus.
  • Passenger may be injured due to faulty or damaged bus equipment. For example luggage compartments

If any of these have happened to you and you have been injured in an accident on bus, then you may want to see how make a bus accident compensation claim.

Bus accident claims. Who is responsible?

When travelling on a bus or coach it is expected that you use the bus safely and read any warning signs.  It is however the duty of the bus company to ensure you have a safe journey and reach your destination safely to avoid a bus accident claim.

The driver has a duty of care to the passenger’s safety which means the bus must always  be driven in a safe manner.

Where a bus accident doesn’t involve any other vehicles, the accident may be down to the driver’s negligence. This may therefore give rise to a bus accident compensation claim being made against the bus company.

It is important to understand that bus accidents can happen as a result of uneven road surface, potholes or roadworks. In these circumstances, you may wish consider bringing a claim against the local council.

As many buses now have CCTV it can be helpful when you wish to make a claim for compensation following an accident on bus.  The footage may prove:

  • You were travelling on the bus
  • Date and time of accident
  • Location of accident
  • Driver behaviour

So although it is the responsibility of the bus company to ensure safety other factors can be taken into account.

Have you been involved in accident with a First Bus?

If you have had an accident on a First Bus  you will be safe in hands knowing  hat all first buses usually have on-board CCTV footage. This means we can easily obtain this as evidence to support your bus accident claim.

Can make a claim for compensation following an accident on a bus or coach?

Yes you can make a bus accident compensation claim.

Taking note of the following also will help with bus accident claims:

  • Make a note of date, time and location.
  • Keep your bus ticket as proof that you were a passenger.
  • Witness details, get names and addresses to assist when making bus accident claims.
  • Photographs, take photographs of the scene and also any visible injuries.

If you have an accident and were injured it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible.  This will not only help with your injuries, but can help when making a bus accident claim. You should  also report the accident to the police. This will help to validate your claim against the bus company.

What do I do if I didn’t get the drivers name or number after an accident on a bus?

After an accident you may be in shock and have forgotten to get drivers details. In these cases it is usually enough to have the bus route number and the time you got on and off. Remember you will not be expected to remember to get all the information.

How can bus accident claims help me?

When making a bus accident compensation claim the financial compensation will not change the fact that you have suffered an injury but it can try to help place you back in the position that you were before the accident.

As part of your bus accident claim we can help with arranging private medical treatment and any other necessary rehabilitation to help you reach an early recovery. .

The settlement agreement cannot change the past, however, it can be beneficial to your present circumstances and any future medical treatment you nay need.

Bus accident compensation claim, how much can I claim?

There value of  bus accident claims depends on a number of factors such as how the accident happened, nature and extent of the injury.

It is recognised that bus accidents can be life changing and  the following will be considered when calculating the amount of compensation  you receive:

  • Pain and suffering both during and following an accident
  • Medical expenses that you have to pay for as a result of the injury
  • Out of pocket expenses, like travel, damage to your property etc.
  • Loss of earning and future earnings.

The time it takes when reaching a settlement agreement for bus accident claims will depend on induvial circumstances.  The more complicated the bus accident claim the longer it may take to come to a final decision.  In cases like these it may be decided to award interim payments so that costs for rehabilitation are covered.

No Win No Fee Bus Accident Compensation Claims

Bus Accident Compensation ClaimsWe are proud to offer a  No Win No Fee service on bus accident compensation claims.

If you wish to consider your options when making a bus accident compensation claim then it maybe worth speaking to our personal injury solicitors for a free consultation today.

To see how we can help regarding your bus accident compensation claim you can request a call back or call us on 0330 053 7117.

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