Bike Accident Claims & Cycling Injuries

Have you been injured in a bike or cycling accident and are looking to claim compensation for your injuries?

Our expert team of solicitors specialise in bike accident claims to help you get back to good health as soon as possible and compensate you for your injury – especially if the accident wasn’t your fault.
Bike accident and injuries can range from cuts and bruises to broken bones and serious spinal trauma. We have an enviable national reputation for successfully recovering compensation and Bike Accident Claims & Cycling Injuriesrehabilitation support for our clients who were injured in accident which was not their fault and we’re confident that with our knowledge and expertise, we can help you to build a winning case that results in a successful claim.

Have you had an accident on your bike?

Unfortunately, being injured or involved in a cycling accident isn’t uncommon, especially when taking into account that thousands of people across the UK use a cycle for travelling purposes every single day.
Cycling injuries can occur any time; such as when you’re riding to work, for leisure, as exercise and/or as part of a journey. With the number of increased cyclists spending greater time on roads which are also shared by other vehicles such as cars and buses; sadly, accidents do often take place.

Causes of accidents

Accidents and injuries whilst cycling can be caused by many different situations. Some of the most common include potholes, road defects, coaches and buses, negligence of other road users and equipment failure, such as a faulty helmet or bike.

Pothole injuries

In the year 2Bike Accident Claims & Cycling Injuries010 alone, over 2 million potholes were identified in the UK through the Department of Transport’s Pothole Review.
Many of these holes were not a result of bad weather alone, but were also due to street works and inadequate procedures for inspection. This puts liability on local councils through the Highway Act 1980 who have a duty to adopt a reasonable system of inspection.
Because of this legislation, our focused cycling accident claim lawyers hold local councils responsible for defects on roads which have caused cyclists to suffer injuries and bring you the monetary compensation that you deserve.

Injuries on private land

Although the Highways Act is limited to public land, the Occupiers Liability Act can assist in matters relating to privately owned land in a similar way as similar duties would apply to private owners of land.
If you are unsure regarding the owner of the land in which your cycling injury took place, whether it is a highway or a privately-owned land, contact our bike accident claims solicitors to help you determine who is at fault.
We will provide you with expert yet tailor-made advice to suit your individual needs and circumstances depending on your claim, and our dedicated client care team are here with 24/7 assistance to support you through the process.

No Win No Fee bike accident claims

Our Solicitors for bike accident claims have assisted many cyclists from mountain bikers, professional cyclist to people riding their bikes to a place of work or for leisure. Our team has a strong track record for successfully recovering bike accident claims compensation for people all over the UK regardless of whether the vehicle that caused the accident was insured or untraceable.

How to make a cycling accident claim

If you have been involved in a cycling accident which was due to no fault of your own, you have a legal right to compensation that covers the treatment of your injuries, along with the cost of replacing equipment that is damaged because of the bike accident.

No win, no fee agreement

Bike Accident Claims & Cycling Injuries

Along with our free initial consultation, we are proud to offer a no win, no fee agreement on your cycling accident injury claim. This means that if your legal case doesn’t result in compensation for your bike injury, you won’t be charged.
The no win, no fee agreement that we offer also guarantees that there is no financial risk to you. If the claim is viable and we imagine that it would result in a successful and winning case, we clearly outline our fees to ensure that you’re never left with unexpected costs when continuing with the cycle injury claim.

Here at 1Solicitors, we understand how traumatic and upsetting cyclist injuries can be. It can knock you off your feet for days, weeks or even months, potentially wreaking havoc on your daily life and work commitments. Bike Accident Claims & Cycling Injuries
Our ethos is to put you first to get the best results for you. Our team of specialist cycling accident injury claims solicitors are able to offer home and hospital visits around the country for those clients that are not able to visit our offices due to their severe injuries, and are here to help through every step of your cycling accident claim.
To discuss the possibility and likelihood of your bike injury claim building a winning case, contact our team of professional solicitors today.

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