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Section 2 of 1988 Road Traffic Act states that dangerous driving or death by dangerous driving, formally known as ‘reckless driving’ is a criminal offence.

With over one thousand deaths per year from road related casualties, a dangerous driving offence is one of the most serious motoring offences with life changing consequences. However there are different types of offences which determined your penalty and even though there is a fine line between inconsiderate or careless driving and dangerous driving, the penalties are very different.

In order for a successful prosecution of a dangerous driving offence (non-fatal) to brought against you, the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the standard of your driving fell far below the minimum standard expected of the careful and competent driver and that it would be obvious to a reasonable and competent driver that the driving displayed by you would be dangerous.
A few examples of dangerous driving are:

– Racing, speeding or driving aggressively (put link to the speed page)
– Overtaking in a dangerous manner
– Ignoring road signs
– Ignoring traffic lights
– Drink and drug driving (put a link to the drink and drug page)
– Being dangerously distracted (put link to the mobile phone page)

If convicted, you could face a fine, disqualification for a minimum of 1 year, imprisonment up to 2 years and a required extended retest.


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