Failing to Stop for Police

Have you passed by a road traffic incident and failed to stop? Perhaps you’ve been signalled by a Police office to pull-over, only to drive away. Whichever instance you have experienced, it’s likely that you’ll be charged for failing to stop for Police.

Here at 1Solicitors, we understand that such a serious motoring offence can cause issues for your job, family and day-to-day life. You might be at a disadvantage if you’re looking to do certain things, and you may even risk serious consequences if you’re charged with the offence.

However, our team of motoring solicitors are on-hand to support you throughout the process. From liaising with the Court and Police on your behalf to exploring every avenue to get you off the charge, we’re passionate about fighting for the result you deserve.

Laws in the UK for failing to stop after an accident

In the UK, you’re legally obliged to stop and report any accidents that you have been involved in. If damage has been caused (whether that be to your vehicle or the other injured person that you collided with), you must stop and provide your full details. This includes:

  • Your name
  • Your address

If the vehicle is not your own, you will be required to provide these details of the registered keeper.

Failing to report an accident is classed as a “hit and run” and named in the Road Traffic Act as a motoring offence. Having said that, as many as 16,500 people fled the scene of an accident without stopping or providing these details in 2015 alone, and the number is set to rise with the volume of drivers on the road.

You are also required to report the incident to the Police within 24 hours. Failure to do so may see you charged with failing to report a road traffic accident.

How do you get charged with it?

One of the main ways in which you may be charged with failing to stop for Police is if other witnesses, including the other motorist involved in your accident, made a note of your registration plate. They will take these details to the Police, who will then conduct a database search of your plate to find your name and address.

Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) can also be used to report incidents of not reporting a road traffic accident. This may be requested by the other party or the Police.

Examples of failing to stop

Here at 1Solicitors, we like to make motorists aware of their rights before proceeding with a legal case. Some of the examples for failing to stop for Police that we’ve previously worked with include:

  • Bumping a car in a supermarket car park and not informing the owner of the vehicle
  • Hitting a pedestrian on a zebra crossing and not stopping

Determining the severity of your case

When it comes to fighting the penalties for your charge of failing to stop after a road traffic accident, your incident will be placed into one of three categories. These are used to determine the severity of the incident and as a result, which penalties you should receive.

The categories are:

Category 1: Higher responsibility and greater harm

Category 2: Higher responsibility and lesser harm OR lower responsibility and greater harm

Category 3: Lower responsibility and lesser harm

Penalties for not reporting a road traffic accident

Depending on how serious your charge for failing to report a road traffic accident is and the category it’s placed in, the Judge will determine your penalty.

The most common penalty for this type of motoring offence is usually dealt with 5-10 penalty points and a fine – especially if the incident is classed as a Category 1 offence.

However, failing to stop and provide details of an accident can lead to a Judge deciding to give you a prison sentence. This usually happens in cases whereby someone else was severely injured, but you could also receive this punishment if you drove away from the scene while knowing that there was a serious incident.

Can I appeal a charge against myself?

We understand that being charged with failing to report an accident can cause serious consequences on your daily life. For that reason, we offer defence strategies and an outstanding team of defence lawyers to help appeal the charge imposed on yourself.

Appeals for not reporting a road traffic accident can be done if there was a serious reason why you didn’t stop – or report – the incident. This can include:

  • Proving that you were not the person driving the vehicle
  • Showing that you were not on a public road or any other public place at the time of the incident
  • Demonstrating that you had no knowledge about the incident happening
  • Proving that you did in fact stop at the scene

We have worked with many motorists who have been wrongfully accused of failing to stop. If the accident took place in your car but was being driven by somebody else, we won’t let you be punished for their actions.

Special reasons

There’s also the option to appeal your case through using a ‘special reason’. This means that you didn’t report an accident because you were in an emergency, such as driving somebody to hospital or rushing to rescue a person from danger.

It’s important to remember that all incidents where you’re applying for a special reason must be factually accurate. If not, you may be charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice and see another charge added against you.

Why choose our team?

When you choose 1Solicitors to defend you in Court, it’s not just the outstanding advice that we offer – even though our experience appealing incidents of failing to stop for Police are amongst some of the best! When working with our team, you’ll automatically receive:

Priority access to the country’s best barristers

Because our firm has been recognised as providing outstanding legal advice, we’ve gained priority access to some of the country’s best defence barristers. Not only does this mean that we can have an extra pair of hands to fight for a better result on your case, but there’s a higher chance of success.

Clear and simple pricing

Unlike many other firms that add unexpected fees onto your defence case, we pride ourselves on offering a simple approach to our pricing. The fees for proceeding will be clearly outlined right from your initial consultation, and we welcome you to ask finance-related questions, whenever you have them.

Not sure what to do after failing to report an accident?

We understand that you might feel scared, nervous or anxious about a pending Court case, or being charged with failing to stop after an accident. However, we’re here to help – and have done for hundreds of motorists.

Discuss your case with our team today

To book an appointment with our team or enquire about how we can help to appeal your case for failing to stop for Police, call us on 0330 053 7117 or contact us online. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Will I be charged for failing to stop for Police if there were no injuries on either party?

If the incident didn’t involve injuries to anyone involved, there’s no legal obligation to report your accident to the police. However, you will still be required to stop at the scene and switch details with the other motorists involved.

If I hit a car accidentally but there’s no visible damage, will I still be charged with failing to report an accident if I don’t provide my details?

Details will only be required if there is damage to the car, so you will not be charged if there isn’t.

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