Child Custody

At No.1 Solicitors, our child custody solicitors understand how tough a separation can be on the children caught in the middle.

However, we also know how difficult it can be for couples to reach an agreement on child issues following their separation. Reaching an agreement in respect to child custody or certain child decisions can be difficult, particularly where there is a level of animosity or lack of communication between parents.

After all, the decisions made on child residence and parental responsibility will have a significant impact on the child’s development and upbringing. As a result, it’s easy for disputes to escalate and evolve into time-consuming, costly court battles.

However, with the right legal advice and assistance, a fair outcome can be achieved with minimal time and fuss. That’s why our child custody solicitors will always prioritise the needs of your children and will go above and beyond in securing a solution that meets their needs.

Mediation Process for Child Custody 

Child custody and contact is one of the most bitterly argued over issues following a divorce or separation. In majority of cases we strongly encourage our clients to try and resolve their differences through mediation where a neutral third party can help you agree the terms and conditions of contact with your children. However, if you have already attempted this route with no success then it may be necessary to issue court proceedings as a last resort.

Court Process for Child Custody

If you have not been able to come to an agreement with your ex-partner, our highly skilled Child Custody Solicitors can represent you in the court of law and they will provide you with strong legal support at every stage of the court process. We work tirelessly to get the best possible outcome for you and your children. Thats our promise to you.

It is important to remember that the Court’s decision will be based on what’s in the best interest of your children as their welfare is of utmost importance. Under the Children Act it is not your contact with your children that matters most, it is what’s best for your children.

Contact our Child Custody Solicitors for an initial consultation today on 0330 053 7117 or let us call you back.

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