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Our family lawyers and divorce solicitors have unrivalled experience in a full range of family specialisms, with a particular emphasis on divorce and finances, to assist your family in resolving any legal issues that you may be facing.
Here at 1Solicitors, we have developed a strong family law team across five locations in the UK and work with a variety of cases to bring our clients the solution they’re looking for in court.
We’re proud to offer a team of family solicitors that can offer 24/7 legal advice, ensuring that somebody is always on-hand to answer and resolve your legal queries whilst your case is open.

What family law cases do you work with?

Family Lawyers Divorce Solicitors Across UKAs a leading family law firm, we are one of the handful of law solicitors with the strength to nationally deal with every type of family law case; starting from a straightforward divorce to complex breakdowns such as children disputes, high value and complex matrimonial assets.
We are proud to be highly regarded for our expertise in family law and have helped thousands of families resolve their legal issues.

Our family law solicitors appreciate that every family is unique and therefore each case requires a unique and tailored solution. Our family lawyers have an outstanding reputation in providing one-to-one support and advice surrounding legal services on all areas of children and family law, including:

Divorce & finance family law

Our divorce solicitors and family lawyers not only deal with the aftermath and legal side of a relationship breakdown, but also specialise in various other family matters to assist your family in continuing a normal daily life after the court proceedings have been finalised.

For that reason, our family solicitors also offer a service for organising specific aspects of your daily life once the divorce has been processed.

We have a legal team that can help put together financial settlements, as well as create fair cohabitation agreements that are suitable for both parties.

Also covering pre- and post-nuptial agreements, we’re able to assist in any family law matter relating to a divorce or separation.

Child law disputes
Family Lawyers and Divorce Solicitors

Here at 1Solicitors, our family law solicitors are renowned for our particular expertise in dealing with children law disputes and have been successful helping countless clients in securing child contact, amongst many other family law cases involving minors.

Working to fight for child residence or child custody for mothers, fathers, grandparents and other family members, the child-related branch of our family law solicitors’ offering is one that is very successful.

Our reputation for children law has grown from strength to strength as we continue to passionately fight for our client’s rights and bring the solution that is best for their family

Serious cases

It’s not just divorce and family cases that we’re able to work with. In fact, our family solicitors handle a variety of serious law cases, such as domestic abuse that are physical or emotional.

Our family law solicitors can help you if you’ve been a victim of assault, threatening behaviour, forced or arranged marriage. Also assisting in rape cases, we’re here to help – whatever legal issue you’re facing.

Offering a sympathetic and patient approach to serious cases, you don’t have to worry about presenting your case in a UK Court. Our team of lawyers will help throughout this process and passionately fight for a suitable situation for you.

Our approach to family law

We understand that family law matters can spark arguments or hostility between members of your family. For that reason, our family solicitors offer a patient and considerate approach to solving cases with a paramount significance on helping those who are in need.

Professional mediation services

When it comes to presenting your family law case in a UK Court, it’s likely that you’ll be asked to provide evidence that mediation between those involved wasn’t possible or successful. Because of this, we are able to source the best professional mediators to either solve the case out of Court – or present this evidence if it was not achievable.

If the mediator is able to work out arrangements that are suitable and agreed by all of the parties involved in your family law case, you may not need to attend a Court hearing.

Tailored advice in a consultation

Here at 1Solicitors, our family solicitors recognise that many people going through a family law issue are completely unaware of the legal process behind their court case. It’s an unusual and often-confusing situation for those unfamiliar with the law and their rights, which is why we tailor our professional advice to each client’s individual needs. This approach to family law ensures that you are well-informed of the options available and the process through the entire duration of your case.

We pride ourselves in making the process as straightforward as possible with a sympathetic approach, and you’re never left in the dark. As soon as our family law solicitors receive an update on your case, we’ll let you know.
This begins with your very first consultation in which our dedicated legal solicitors offer an initial family law legal advice consultation to answer any queries that you may have surrounding your family law case.

Speak with our family law solicitors today

Because we pride ourselves on easing the family law cases that our clients are currently experiencing, we offer a range of ways to get advice from our team. This includes:

Visit our family law offices

If you’re nearby one of our family law offices, we’d love to see you to discuss your family law case in greater depth. We have solicitors based in Oldham, Manchester, York, Harrogate and London who are able to work on your legal issue.

Book your Skype consultation

There’s no need to worry if you can’t pop into one of our offices. We’re proud to be one of the few family law solicitor firms that offer Skype appointments, which will allow you to keep up-to-date on your case from the comfort of your own home.

Our family solicitors have found that Skype consultations have worked extremely well and are preferred by our clients who are unable to visit one of our office. Plus, with the chance to chat with one of our solicitors when you’re not even in the country, there’s no better way to receive our 24/7 legal support!

Our informative approach to family law begins with your very first consultation with one of our expert solicitors. Here, our dedicated family lawyers will answer any queries that you may have surrounding your family law case, right in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re facing a family law dispute and would like a consultation with one of our family solicitors, contact us today. We’ve assisted hundreds of families in court and have won many family cases. We’re sure that we can help you, too.


Can you work with international family law cases? Yes! We’re able to work with international family law cases as our solicitors can negotiate with and understand complex cross-country legal requirements. This means that if you’re looking for assistance with your divorce or child case but are facing varying jurisdictions, we’re still able to help.

What information do you need to start my case? We will need full details of the family law issue you’re experiencing (along with the people involved), as well as any evidence that could potentially support the case in court.

If you’d like to get the ball rolling on your family law case but aren’t able to talk at present, there’s no need to worry! By requesting a call back online, we can call you back at a time that’s convenient for you.

Plus, we offer 24/7 legal support for all of our clients. This means if you require urgent advice on something relating to your family law case, we’re always here to help.

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