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The family law team at No.1 Solicitors understand that some cohabiting couples may want to have a cohabitation agreement in place clearly setting the ownership of shared assets. Before doing so it is helpful to obtain practical and legal advice on the impact of those shared asset if the relationship breaks down or one partner survives the other.

Cohabitation Agreements have become a popular norm, in this day and age, particularly for couples that do not intend to marry but to live together.

Our Cohabitation Agreemen Solicitors regularly assist clients with cohabitation issues. If an issue arises, it is important to have a clear and concise Cohabitation Agreement in place. If you are planning to move into a property with your partner, you may want to consider drawing up a cohabitation agreement to protect your interest.

There are currently no laws in place within the UK which protect the rights of a cohabiting couple and any children they may have together. This is sadly the case although the marriage rate in England and Wales has considerably declined along with a rise in the number of couples wishing to cohabitate instead. As such, there is a need to protect the rights of such couples when their relationship breaks down and there is a dispute in regards to their property.

Where there is a property dispute, there law of trust and land applies.

Cohabitation Agreement

If you do not intend to marry or are unmarried and intend to purchase a property with a new partner, it is important that you consider entering into a Cohabitation Agreement before purchasing the property to reflect intentions in an appropriate declaration of trust.

Our expert Cohabitation Agreement Solicitors are able to help you through every step advising of you of important considerations to factor, making the process as simple as possible for you.

At No.1 Solicitors Family Law, we also provide further recommendations aimed to protect your assets and intentions. For example, it is important to also draw a Will reflecting intentions and insuring your life to ensure dependents are financially safeguarded if you do not survive them.

Call our Cohabitation Agreement Solicitors on 0330 053 7117 or request a callback for help and advice.

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