What are Grandparent Rights

While Grandparent rights to see their grandchildren in family law can be seen as limited, they do exist.

Our family law team can advise on available grandparent’s rights and the available options for securing child contact or residence order.

At No.1 Solicitors we understand how grandparent rights between family members can be affected where the parent relationship has broken down, a new partner is on the scene or one of the parents could be seen as unfit to look after the future needs of the child. It is important that such events do not affect the relationship between family members and children.

We also understand how easy grandparent rights are overlooked when contact arrangements are and  how frustrating this can be.

Our family lawyers understand that grandparents help a child to maintain some stability, particularly in difficult periods of a child’s life such as a parental separation because they are less likely to be in between parent feuds.

Do Grandparents have rights

Grandparents rights are unfortunately not have automatic rights to have contact with their grandchildren. Aside from this point, our family law solicitors are able to showcase the important role that grandparents have to play in a child’s life to the Courts. This means that unless there is evidence of abuse or violence, our expert solicitors for grandparent rights are able to prepare an application to the Court so that grandparents can gain access to their grandchildren.

Can Grandparents Apply to the Court for Access to Grandchildren

Grandparents can apply for permission to make an application for a Contact Order. The reason for permission being needed is that grandparents do not have parental responsibility, unlike the parents, step-parents or guardians. Grandparents do not automatically acquire parental responsibility. This means that grandparents without parental responsibility will require court permission.

When making the application for a Contact Order, it will be important to consider:

  • The grandparents relationship with the child
  • The reason for the application being brought about
  • Will the application be potentially harmful to the grandchild’s wellbeing

What if my Grandparent rights are denied by the parents

If your grandparent rights to child contact are denied by parents, then you are likely to attend a full hearing in which both parents can present their reason(s) and any evidence as to why they do not wish to allow child contact. If your case progresses to this stage, then it is important that you obtain appropriate legal advice or representation to present to the court that you have a meaningful and on-going relationship which benefits the children’s lives.

If you need help or advice regarding grandparent rights, please contact our expert family solicitors in Manchester, Oldham, YorkHarrogate or London on 0330 053 7117 or request a callback.

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