Family Lawyers and Divorce Solicitors in Harrogate

Speak to our family lawyers in Harrogate today to arrange a consultation. When it comes to battling a bitter family dispute, you may be left with the assumption that the only way to solve the case is in a family Court. However, there are a variety of options that you can select when wanting to make your dispute a legal matter that doesn’t always require your family to attend a legal hearing.

Here at 1Solicitors, we have a team of expert solicitors in Harrogate that are able to explain your options, helping you to make the best decision on proceeding with your legal case. We pride ourselves on our clear and honest nature and strive to always provide our clients with impartial advice on the solution with the best chance of success.

Being one of the leading family law firms in Harrogate, our experienced team are dedicated to helping solve your family law case with minimal stress or disruption to your normal daily life.

Initial consultation with Family Lawyers and Divorce Solicitors in Harrogate
Family lawyers in Harrogate

To discuss your family law case with one of our Harrogate solicitors, we offer initial consultations in which our team will clearly outline the costs associated with each service.
Whether it be sourcing a mediator for yourself and your spouse or representing you in Court, our clear pricing strategy will be explained throughout your consultation in order for you to plan your personal finances throughout complicated legal proceedings.

Divorce solicitors in Harrogate

Our team of specialist divorce solicitors in Harrogate understand the heartbreak and trauma to the family which can occur after a legal separation is petitioned.
Whether you’re looking for a solicitor provide evidence of unsuccessful mediation pre-Court or a family law specialist which can help to file your divorce petition, we’re confident that our team of divorce lawyers are amongst some of the best in the Harrogate area!

Child law cases in Harrogate

Our team of child family lawyers in Harrogate have built a strong reputation for their expertise in dealing with children

Family lawyers in Harrogate

law disputes and helping countless parents to secure child contact, residence or become knowledgeable on their rights.

Working with both mothers, fathers and grandparents, our team of Harrogate solicitors are able to co-operate with all people who have parental responsibility of a child in order to secure an arrangement that works for both parties and most importantly, the children involved in the dispute.

Financial dispute solicitors

Our team of family law solicitors in Harrogate also provide professional legal services in order to help you arrange a financial settlement.

Our team experts in tracing hidden assets; making sure you are able to get a fair share financial share from your marriage, whether it is for child maintenance or spousal maintenance.


Visit our solicitors in Harrogate

Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Harrogate town centre with accessible transportation routes by tram, bus or car. However, we offer Skype consultations for those unable to visit our law firm in Harrogate.

Our specialist family lawyers and divorce solicitors in Harrogate provide step by step guidance and support from our initial meeting until your matter is resolved; alleviating your legal stress so you can focus on emotionally dealing with the issue at hand.

To book your initial appointment or discuss your issue with one of our family lawyers in Harrogate, contact us online or call us on 01423 224 500.

With the option to speak with one of our out-of-office team by calling our 24/7 helpline on 0788 5536 424, we’re confident that we can help your family to resolve your family law case.

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