Financial Settlement after Divorce

Financial settlement after divorce is the final stage after you have been through the wrenching divorce process where the courts can set out the black and white terms of deal.

Financial needs of both spouses and the children is something that is often easily overlooked due to the devastating emotional impact of dealing with a separation.

There is no set formula for dealing with the division of financial assets and income which form part of your financial settlement.

Our team are highly trained to ensure that all financial income and assets, as part of your financial settlement, are carefully quantified before considering your reasonable needs as well as other needs such as children and future needs.

Our family lawyers aim to tackle the financial worry so you can focus on emotionally rebuilding a new life.

Rooted within our expert family lawyers skills is the ability to encourage an agreement being reached between parties to avoid the need of lengthy proceedings; after all our priority is to deal with matters amicably and efficiently whilst ensuring a fair financial settlement is secured.

If you cannot reach an agreement on your financial settlement after divorce then you may wish to contact us on 0330 053 7117 or online about discussing your options as a contested divorce is more complex. You should also contact us to discuss the options if one or both of you live outside England and Wales.

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