Head and Brain Injury Compensation Claims

Head and Brain Injury Compensation Claims

Head and brain injuries are two of the most serious, yet fairly common injuries that take place. They include injury to the scalp, skull or brain.

Head and brain injuries usually occur due to the negligence of another, often from incidents which can include:

All head injuries are placed in to one of two categories:

– Open Head Injuries, or
– Closed Head Injuries

An open head injury is when the skull is fractured or displaced. This happens when an object which has used force or pressure has hit the head, resulting in damage to the brain tissue. Such injuries are not limited to just a blow on the head but can also include weapons. Though, an injury under this category may not always result in a head injury claim.

A closed head injury is where the skull has undergone trauma but has not necessarily been fractured. This is the more common of the two types of head injuries and there may not always be a visible wound. Such injuries can lead to bleeding in and around the brain, as well as concussion.

Effects of a Head and Brain Injury

Depending on the severity of the injury, the injuries can vary from a minor concussion which may only last for a few hours, to long term brain damage which can have a life changing impact.

No matter how big or small your injury is, it can cause a strain on you and your family which can be eased with the aid of compensation.

Our specialist solicitors for head and brain injury compensation claims understand the serious impact a head injury can have on an individual’s life. Although claiming for personal injury compensation can be seen as a complex procedure, the team at No.1 Solicitors ensure you are listened to and are on hand 24/7 to provide you with their sympathetic yet professional and efficient advice as well as options.

We pride ourselves in dealing with every matter on a case by case basis by tailoring it to the individuals needs and circumstances as no two claims are ever the same and each person’s symptoms may also vary.

If you know someone that has suffered from a head and brain injury but is not able to manage their own claim, we would recommend a close and trusted friend or family member to act on their behalf as a litigation friend. This would mean placing yourself in the shoes of the injured person insofar as acting in their best interests to communicate with us on their behalf.

While we understand that the payment of head and brain injury compensation may never get you back to your pre-accident lifestyle, we hope that it would help you to live an easier life with a view of being able to enjoy certain aspects of life that you’d hoped for. Our expert head and brain injury compensation Solicitors will ensure that you are well looked after, whether that means securing a settlement for you to pay for long-term future private care to relocating you to a more suited new home.

You can rest assure, that our Solicitors for head and brain injury compensation will fight your corner every step of the way.

Head and Brain Injury Compensation Claims – How to Start A Claim
Brain Injury Compensation Claims

For a free consultation, on behalf of someone injured, or you wish to claim compensation for head or brain injuries compensation, call our specialist brain injury solicitors on freephone, 0330 053 7117, request callback or start your claim today.

No Win, No Fee Head and Brain Injury Compensation Claims

We are proud offer a No Win, No Fee Agreement on head and brain injury claims. This means that there is no financial risk to you.

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