High Net Worth Divorce

A high net worth divorce commonly may involve assets based in complex structures or foreign jurisdictions with some assets being not as easily realisable or reachable.

The most complicated high net worth divorces can be when a family business is involved. This could either be where one party has been involved directly or indirectly with the business or contributed towards to the success of the business. It is therefore important to assess and value your attained interest before placing a value.

A high net worth divorce usually involves dealing with retirement assets such as pensions, stocks, shares, assets including property, yachts, prestige vehicles, ect.

While we understand going through a divorce or relationship breakdown is an extremely emotional and tough time, you can be assured and relieved to know that you have a team of experts working relentlessly to secure you the best possible outcome.

What is considered in a high net worth divorce

During a high net worth divorce it is essential to obtain an overview of how assets have an impact on the family and the lifestyle enjoyed during the marriage. Consideration will be given to:

  • Child maintenance: ensuring the children’s emotional, financial and educational needs are catered for such as continuing private education, regular holidays, continuing pursuit of interests such as horse riding, snowboarding, ect.
  • Properties: assessing purpose, use and reach of properties within the world.
  • Pensions: of both parties in terms of residual value.
  • Trusts: assessing deeds in terms of purpose, how, when and where they have come about with regard to jurisdictions in which they can be challenged or safeguarded.
  • Personal assets: to include all assets including luxury prestige Yachts, Planes, Cars, Motorbike collections, ect
  • Business assets: assessing the value of balance sheet as well as the business’s overall value including subsidiary businesses
  • Onshore and offshore assets: locating jurisdictions and assess the strength of protection as well as jurisdictional reach

It is important to ensure potential tax consequences are not overlooked and all aspects of your finances are assessed.

Handling business assets in a high net worth divorce

All assets are usually taken into account during the divorce process including business assets although we often find that ownership of business consists of complex structures such as subsidiaries and various holding companies to distance the real owners interest.

Whether you are the business owner or the person who contributed to the success of the business, you be assured that our team of family lawyers will guide you through the process to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Common mistakes in high net worth divorce

It is important to ensure you entrust your affairs with specialists that deal with high net worth divorces as a particular expertise is required in being able to assess whether assets are being concealed by one party or if there has been a limited disclosure.

Timing can be crucial in a high worth divorce particularly where there is potential asset dissipation by one party. Our team are vigilant and quick to respond with freezing assets both nationally and internationally, if necessary.

We understand it maybe easy to accept a financial settlement during an emotional time and regularly advise client’s who seek our advice on the merits of accepting an offer.

A common mistake easily overlooked, in omitting to spot this or acting in time, may be the difference between you receiving a significantly less divorce financial settlement than you should be entitled to.

International high net worth divorce

Our team specialise in international high net worth divorces and regularly communicate with international client’s via skype and email. If you based internationally and would like to seek the merits of bring a divorce in the UK, request a Skype callback today.

Tackling prenuptial agreements in a high net worth divorce

High net worth divorces usually involve either relying on a prenuptial agreement or assessing the strength of the agreement depending on whom we are instructed by.

A prenuptial agreement usually aims to define the ownership of pre and post martial assets including properties, maintenance, division of assets, child maintenance, ect.

If you are contemplating a high net worth divorce and have a prenuptial agreement, we can look to assess the terms of how it can challenged or enforced.

Speak to our high net worth divorce lawyers and family solicitors today to arrange a consultation

Our team of high net worth divorce solicitors are well placed to deal with heavy and complex litigation ensuring that our client’s interests are safeguarded.

As we have offices over the country in Manchester, Oldham, London, Harrogate and York we are never too far away to assist or advice on any high net worth divorce matters.

To arrange a confidential discussion about your high net worth divorce you can call us on 0330 053 7117 or let us call you back.

Check out our Q&A session on high net worth divorces below with Managing Partner, Mr. Ehsan Kabir.

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