Bike Courier Accident Claim

Even the most experienced bike couriers can be vulnerable to an accident.  This is due to the conditions that bike couriers work in. This is because couriers spend a large amount of time in traffic often heavy traffic and make multiple stops during the course of the working day.

Can I make a bike courier accident claim

If you have been injured on the road then you may be able to make a bike courier accident claim or a motorcycle accident.

The severity that a bike courier accident can have can be life changing as the protection a bike courier has is minimal. Helmets offer the main protection and they may wear protective clothing also but the risk of head injury is fairly high.

Other injuries can include leg and arm injuries causing by bruising or in come instances broken bones.

Main causes of bike courier accidents

There are many causes of bike courier accidents, the main ones being:

Road traffic accidents

Often bike courier accidents are caused by collisions with other road users.  They can be caused by a car door opening for example causing the courier to fall of the bike.  They can also be caused by a vehicle hitting them. This can happen often at junctions when the driver may not be looking properly.  HGV’s and Lorry’s can also be a hazard due to the size of the vehicle.  The HGV driver may not see a bike courier as he may be riding too close and be in the ‘blind spot’.

Road surfaces

When road surfaces are not maintained then they can cause a hazard.  This can be due to potholes and in some instances excess gravel may cause the cycle to slip.  In these cases the local authority may be held responsible.

If the bike courier accident is caused by a spillage in the road then it will be necessary to find out who to make the claim to as the local authority may not be at fault.

Slips & trips during deliveries

During the course of the working day bike courier’s visit many places and sometimes they may be injured when doing so.  It may be due to a slip or trip and there could be several reasons for this:

  • Spillages
  • Obstacles
  • Cluttered walkways

Manual handling injuries

Bike courier accidents can also be due to lifting large items however it is not advised for large items to be couriers by bike.

Employers have a duty of care to ensure that correct lifting and handling of larges items is safe to do so. If an accident arises due to the employers negligence rather than a road user then this may give rise to an accident at work claim.

Bike courier accidents caused by faulty equipment

Faulty equipment may be responsible for an accident causing an injury.  It is up to the employer to provide correct equipment and ensure they provide the correct PPE.  Failure to do so may result in the employer being held responsible.

What happens after a bike courier accident?

If the bike courier accident was not their fault then they may make a bike courier accident claim.  It is important to get as much information and evidence together as possible to back up your claim including:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Photographs of both the scene and any visible injuries
  • Witness details
  • Third party details whether it be a person or company
  • Details leading up to the accident and afterwards

Also when you have been injured in a bike courier accident it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible.  The medical professional will assess your injuries and may prescribe medication and if necessary further medical treatment.

What if I am a self employed bike courier?

When you are self employed and are injured in a bike courier accident you may be unable to work.  You may want to claim for loss of earnings and future earnings that may be affected.  You may also want to claim for any damages to your bike or a replacement bike if it cannot be repaired.

When you are claiming for loss of earnings following a bike courier accident then it may make the claim process more complex.

It is not merely a case of providing copies of wage slips you may want to see a solicitor who will help with calculating potential future earnings.

No Win No Fee Bike Courier Accident Claims

Bike Courier Accident ClaimMaking a no win no fee cycle accident claim means that you don’t face any financial risk and do not require any upfront payments.

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