Motorcycle Pillion Passenger Accident Claims

If you have been involved in an accident as a motorcycle pillion passenger then may be entitled to make a compensation claim. As a motorcycle passenger

While a motorcycle pillion passenger is reliant on leather protective clothing and a helmet, they are exposed to a risk of serious injury in the event of an accident. Common injuries arising from a motorcycle accident can range from cuts and bruising to broken bones and head injury.

A pillion rider is less likely to be responsible for an accident because of their limited control and the motorcycle rider being in charge and responsible for riding with due care and attention.

When riding a motorcycle pillion how can I minimise risk of injury?

Just like other road users, there are certain laws to help motorcycle safety.  When riding a motorcycle pillion, the pillion must be:

  • Adequate for the motorcycle
  • Passenger must be facing forwards
  • Passenger must be able to reach footrests

The motorcyclist and passenger may want to come to an agreement on a form of communication as they will not be able to hear each other.

A motorcyclist may not carry a passenger pillion if they have not passed their test.  Also the pillion passenger must wear a BSA approved helmet.

What are the risks of riding pillion?

Riding pillions exposed to several risks such as the motorcycle rider’s error, ability to control the bike and other road user’s negligence. The motorcyclist may not realise that the pillion passenger’s weight may affect the way the motorcycle handles.

The most common risks for pillion passengers are:

  • Losing grip and falling off the motorcycle
  • Being thrown off the motorcycle
  • Falling off when turning a corner, or going round a roundabout
  • Injuries to leg(s) and head

In some cases the pillion passenger might do something causing the motorcyclist to lose control resulting in a motorcycle accident.

What shall I do if I am involved in a motorcycle pillion passenger accident?

If you have suffered an motorcycle injury, you should consult medical attention as well as notifying the police that you have been involved in a pillion passenger accident. The police will decide whether to take details verbally or attend the scene to carry out a report.

You should gather as much information at the time of the accident including:

  • Motorcycle riders details
  • Details of the Motorcycle
  • Any other vehicle(s) involved, get driver and vehicle details
  • Witness details
  • Photographs of both the scene and any visible injuries
  • Events leading up to, during and after the accident
  • Make a note of the date, time and location of the accident

The more information you get the better it will be when making a claim.

How much compensation I claim when I have an accident as a pillion passenger?

Compensation depends on the circumstances surrounding the motorcycle accident as well as the injuries sustained. If the accident happened and it was at no fault to the motorcycle pillion passenger, there still may be circumstances where the compensation is reduced due to ‘contributory negligence’.

For example, if the pillion passenger did not wear a helmet which would have otherwise protected against head injuries. The motorcycle pillion passenger may receive less compensation as the head injuries would have been less serious if they had worn a helmet.

The pillion passenger might ride with the motorcycle rider with the knowledge that the rider had been drinking and or taken drugs and an accident happened.  The passenger will be considered as being contributory negligent for their injuries

How long does a motorcycle claim take?

It depends on individual circumstances when coming to a settlement agreement in motorcycle claims.

Straightforward low value motorcycle claims can settle within a matter of a few months. Complex claims involving serious injuries which require ongoing treatment generally take longer.

You may be awarded interim payments in cases that are more complex to cover accident related costs so you do not face financial difficulty.

No Win No Fee Motorcycle Pillion Passenger Accident Claims

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