Zebra Crossing Accident

When you are using a zebra crossing or a light controlled crossing you should be able to do so safely. Unfortunately accidents can and do happen during zebra crossings. If you have been involved in a zebra crossing accident then you maybe entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Despite Britain having one of the best road safety records accidents involving zebra crossing can result in pedestrians being seriously injured even killed.

Who is to blame for a zebra crossing accident?

When a pedestrian is using a crossing they must obey the same rules of the road which apply to drivers. The highway code sets out specific rules for pedestrians. Pedestrians have a right of way when using the crossings. This means zebra crossing accidents often result in the negligent party being the motorist crossing the path of the pedestrian.

When considering who was at fault for the accident, other factors such as the following may be considered:


For light controlled crossings, failing to stop at red lights

Failing to stop when a pedestrian steps onto the zebra crossing

Failing to slow down when approaching a zebra crossing to enable a safe stopping distance

Not driving with due care and attention taking into account sever weather conditions

Not driving with due care and attention when the road conditions are poor

Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs


Failing to use the crossing with due care and attention for example; stepping out suddenly in front of vehicles

Failing to stop, look and listen before stepping onto the crossing

Light controlled crossings: crossing when red man is illuminated

What if the pedestrian is at fault when using a zebra crossing?

If the pedestrian is at fault then then you may still be awarded compensation for your injuries although this maybe reduced on a sliding scare based on contributory negligence.

It is unlikely that the court would find the pedestrian totally at fault when involved in a zebra crossing accident. This is because the Highway Code places the driver as having a duty of care when driving and are expected to approach zebra crossings with caution.

Can I claim compensation for a zebra crossing accident?

You may be able to claim for compensation for psychological suffering as well as physical pain you have suffered as a result of the Zebra Crossing Accident.

You may also claim for financial loss including loss of earnings, loss of future earnings, medical expenses and travel expenses, private treatment expenses and rehousing, if necessary.

How long does a zebra crossing accident compensation claim?

Each compensation claim is different and the time it takes to complete depends on the individual circumstances.  The more complicated the claim the longer it takes as there are more factors to take into consideration.  Also liability may be disputed which will have an effect on the time it takes to reach a settlement.

No Win No Fee Compensation for Zebra Crossing Accidents

Zebra Crossing Accident1Solictors offer No Win No Fee service and our team of specialist personal injury solicitors will work with you during your zebra crossing accident claim to reach a settlement agreement that you deserve.

You can request a call back and we will ring  you when it’s a convenient  time to discuss how we can help you  or you can ring us on  0330 053 7117

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