Care Home Negligence Claims

Have you or a loved one experienced acts of negligence whilst in a care or nursing home? If so, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

When you put a family member into a care home, you should expect to have adequate care that meets certain requirements. Along with feeling confident about their level of care, you should hope to never have to worry about their safety.

Mistreatment or abuse in care homes is becoming increasingly common and although there’s usually no need to worry, you may need to investigate further if you suspect care home negligence.

How are care home injury claims classified?

Because care home injury claims can vary in severity, it’s often hard to classify the type of negligence that your family member may be experiencing.

However, we recommend that you note the occasions in which you spot that something isn’t quite right, along with record your conversations with the care home’s manager.

What are the types of care home negligence claims?

Mistreatment, neglect and abuse are just a handful of care home negligence claims that we can work with, although the incidents listed below may also make you eligible to make a care home accident claim:

  • Cuts or bruising on the skin
  • Signs of fearfulness in the resident or emotional abuse
  • Failing to administer important medication
  • Dehydration or malnourishment due to an unfulfilled diet

Who can claim care home neglect compensation?

As many users of a care home may not be able to make a care home injury claim by themselves, we work with family members and close friends to help make a claim on their behalf.

The incident in which you’re basing the care home injury claims on must have occurred within the past three years to be eligible.


How long do care home accident claims take to process?

As the timescale to solve a case depends on a variety of things such as the liable party’s co-operation and the speed of the Courts, it’s best to discuss your case with our care home claims solicitors for an accurate prediction.

Can I claim for health complications that have been experienced in a care home?

If you’re able to prove that somebody else is liable for the health complication, you may be eligible. Certain circumstances that may be considered for compensation include bed sores or a sudden loss of weight.

Establishing liability for care home negligence claims

Before making a claim for care home neglect compensation, you must be able to prove that somebody else was liable for the incident or injuries sustained. Usually this is a member of care home staff, although it could be anyone within the environment.

We find that many relatives of loved ones suspect care home negligence, but aren’t able to prove liability. In this case, we can help to explain your rights and assess the likelihood of liability being established.

How much compensation could I get from a care home negligence claim?

As the level of severity in care home abuse cases can vary dramatically, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to predicting the level of care home neglect compensation that you could receive.

However, you may be entitled to receive either of the two compensation types listed below:

General damages

The most common form of care home negligence compensation, this payout type covers the pain and suffering that the person has experienced throughout their time in the home.

Special damages

This covers the out-of-pocket costs you’ve had to pay to treat the care home injury, such as rehabilitation fees or expenses for travelling for medical treatment.

Making a no-win, no-fee claim with our care home claims solicitors

Care Home Negligence Claims

As all of our care home-related cases have a no-win, no-fee agreement, it’s completely free to discuss your options with one of our care home claims solicitors. You’ll only be charged if the case successfully results in compensation, where a small fee will be taken off your final settlement amount.

To enquire about a free consultation or chat to one of our care home injury solicitors about a possible neglect or abuse case, simply call us on 0330 053 7117 and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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