Special Reasons

Have you been charged with some kind of motoring offence, but there’s a real and serious excuse why you committed it? These defence strategies are called “using special reasons”, and have successfully stopped motorists from being punished by committing even some of the most serious offences on the road.

Here at 1Solicitors, we work with clients that’ve been charged with any kind of motoring offence. If you had to commit an offence because of pressure elsewhere, you shouldn’t be punished – especially if your reason is classed as a “special” one!

Our team of motoring solicitors have years of experience working with, and appealing, motoring cases. From speeding to drink-driving, we’ll assess your case and tell you how likely you’ll be to have the charges dropped against you, using a special reason.

Special reason law in the UK

In the UK, Courts and Judges will decide whether or not the special reason for your motoring offence is accurate and true. Your reason must directly relate to the offence that you’ve committed. In order to put forwards a special reason, you must prove that:

  • The situation was caused by a serious mitigating circumstance
  • The special reason is accurate and factually correct
  • The reason is something that the Court can properly consider when it comes to deciding which punishment is the most appropriate for your motoring offence

If you chose to appeal your motoring claim by lying that there was a special reason, you may be found guilty of perverting the course of justice. This is an extremely serious offence and can carry a large prison sentence, so evidence of your reason will be required.

However, our team can explain the types of special reasons for a variety of offences and ensure that we’re well-equipped with the evidence you need before defending you in Court.

Examples of special reasons

It’s important to remember that special reasons can only be argued if you plead guilty for the case. This proves that you’re admitting fault and owning-up to your offence, but saying that you had good reason to do so.

Here at 1Solicitors, we work with a range of motorists to appeal their charges using special reasons. Some examples of this being done successfully include:

Driving without insurance special reasons

A common motoring-related case that could call for special reason is driving without insurance. Although this is a really serious offence and thousands of people are charged with it ever year, a fault on the side of your insurance provider could constitute of a special reason.

For example, if a driver renewed their policy and approved this with the insurance provider but their provider didn’t proceed with the legal paperwork, the driver could be uninsured. However, the motorist would be completely unaware and could use this as their driving without insurance special reason.

Special reasons drink driving

Drink driving is another offence that can be overruled by using special reasons. One of the most common is being ‘spiked’ or having your drinks laced unknowingly. This is especially common for younger people.

If you’re pulled over by the Police and found to be over the legal breath limit, you’ll be charged with drink driving. However, if you were not aware of this and believe that you had your drinks spiked, you could call for a witness and prove that you were not aware of the alcohol in your system.

Speeding offences

Another type of motoring offence that can be defended by using special reasons is speeding. There are a number of reasons why speeding may be necessary, with the most common including that you were rushing to take a sick or injured person to hospital.

If you’re able to prove this, you won’t be charged with the offence. However, you may need witness statements and/or evidence from the injured person to overrule the case.

Failing to provide a specimen for analysis

If you’ve been stopped by the Police and have refused to provide a specimen for analysis, this is a criminal offence – but it can be overturned by proving that you had a special reason.

One of the most common reasons for this type of offence is arguing that you have some form of medical problem, such as asthma, anxiety and/or panic attacks.

In the event of arguing this in Court, you will need sufficient evidence to prove that this is true. This can include reports from your GP or any other qualified medical professional, explaining how your condition prevented you from providing a specimen.

What doesn’t class as a special reason?

Now that you understand the examples that may be used to argue a special reason against your motoring offence, you may wonder whether your argument will be successful in Court.

A handful of reasons that won’t be classed as ‘special’ include:

  • Homelessness or a loss of employment
  • A good character and/or clean driving history with no previous charges or offences
  • Financial hardship

Why choose our team?

As we mentioned earlier, our team of solicitors and lawyers have a wealth of experience that’ll help you through your case when appealing special reasons. But, it’s not just our experience that you’ll benefit from when working with us! All of our clients also receive:

Priority access to the country’s best barristers

Our firm has been recognised as one of the best in the country. This means that we get priority access to some of the country’s best barristers, so there are more eyes on your case – and more hands to help out with your defence strategy!

Clear and simple pricing

We also pride ourselves on our clear approach to pricing. You won’t get any unexpected fees when you’re working with us on your special reasons case, and all costs will be clearly outlined – even from your initial consultation!

If you have any questions about our pricing structure, fees and T&C’s, we welcome you to ask them. After all, we don’t believe that you have to go through with a defence strategy if you don’t have the finances in-place to do so, which is why we offer flexible payments and a clear plan.

Convenient Skype appointments

Along with all of these great benefits of working with us, you’ll automatically receive the option to chat to our solicitors over Skype. Although we have multiple offices all over the UK, you may feel more comfortable discussing your special reasons case in the comfort of your own home.

Not sure what to do after failing to report an accident?

We understand that being charged with any kind of motoring offence is an emotional rollercoaster, but we’re here to lend a helping hand along your journey – and fight to protect you in the event of a serious reason behind your offence.

To discuss whether you have a special reason or learn more about how we can help you in Court, simply contact us today. Alternatively, you can call us on 0330 053 7117. We’d love to help.

How can I prove my special reason for being spiked?

Our team of lawyers work with toxicologists in the UK, and have a team of medical professionals who can provide evidence that you were spiked.

What type of evidence would be sufficient to support my special reasons appeal?

Evidence from witnesses, witness statements and/or legal submissions can all help to support your appeal and result in successfully dropping the charges against you.

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