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Have you been charged with a speeding offence or looking to contest a speeding ticket?

Here at 1Solicitors, we understand the confusion and stress that can come through fines, penalty points and anxiety surrounding a speeding summons or Court hearing.

That’s why our solicitors for speeding offences offer 24/7 legal support in which you can ask questions, understand your rights and figure out the best defence strategy when appealing a speeding ticket in Court. We believe that knowledge is power and by combining our knowledge with your case, our solicitor for speeding offences are able to get the best result for your situation.

Speeding laws in the UK

In the UK, speeding is one of the main factors in fatal road accidents or collisions and kills thousands of people every year. According to THINK! road safety experts, over 3,000 people were killed or seriously injured in crashes where it was a major influence.

Despite these dangers, many people are still speeding on public and private roads and motorways. But, it may sometimes be unavoidable.

Here at 1Solicitors, we work with motorists who have been charged with a speeding offence but wish to appeal their case. Whether you believe that the charge is incorrect or you have a special reason for your actions that could lead to a strong defence claim in Court, our speeding offence solicitors are always on-hand to support and allow you to thoroughly understand your options for appealing a speeding ticket.

How did I get caught speeding?

These days, it’s not just the bright yellow boxes that could cause you to be caught speeding. In fact, the number of police vehicles using speed measurement technologies is increasing, so you may be caught out when driving on a road without cameras!

You may also be charged with speeding if you’re not sticking to the speed limit over a long stretch of road. Often referred to as ‘average speed checks’, these cameras monitor your speed between cameras, so can catch you driving over the speed limit – even if you’re below the limit at the exact location of each single camera.

Consequences of breaking speeding laws

If you’ve been charged with an offence, you will need a speeding offence solicitor to discuss your next steps. This is because the consequences depend massively on the type of offence that you’ve committed. Whilst we help people to contest a speeding ticket, the most common types of speeding summons are:

Speed awareness courses

Many speeders may be offered to take part in speed awareness courses in return for points on their license or a traditional fine, with the hopes of deterring motorists from speeding again in the future. These courses usually take four hours to complete and cost about £90, but are only given to low-offence speeding cases.

Fines for speeding laws

Usually, the biggest consequence that you my face after being caught speeding is a fine. The exactly penalty that you receive depends on how fast you were speeding over the limit.

If you’re awarded a Fixed Penalty Notice for your speeding offence, this usually includes a £100 penalty or fine. However, if the offence is serious and is prosecuted at a Magistrates’ Court, the maximum penalty fine could be up to £1,000 on normal roads – or £2,500 on a motorway!

Being awarded points

The chances are, you may also receive points for being caught speeding. These can range anywhere from three points for minor offences (also with a Fixed Penalty Notice), to six points for more severe cases.

The amount of points that you could be awarded depends on the speed limit of the road and your actual traveling speed. For example, if you were driving in excess of 51mph or more in a 30mph zone, a Judge may put a total of six points on your license.

Drivers in the UK are allowed a maximum of 12 points within three years, so contributing additional points for speeding could cause you to lose your license in the long-term if it the offence is repeated.

Driving disqualifications

In severe speeding laws, you may be handed a driving disqualification or be banned from driving for a specific period of time.

Our solicitors for speeding offences specialise in either reducing the ban period or swapping disqualifications for points on your driving license, although we will be able to discuss the best outcome for your personal situation in your first consultation.

Court processes for speeding summons & appealing a speeding ticket

If you are being punished for a speeding offence, a Court or the Police will post a letter to your home address to inform you about the charges. If the offence is minor and a Fixed Penalty Notice is mentioned, this usually means that you do not have to attend a formal Court hearing.

However, if your speeding offence is more serious and you were driving at a speed significantly over the limit of the road, the letter may invite you to a Court hearing. In this case, it’s best to consult with our speeding solicitors and begin to put together a strong case for appealing your speeding ticket.

Why choose our speeding offence solicitors?

Along with the constant legal support that our solicitors for speeding offences can provide you when proceeding with your defence case, 1Solicitors also offers:

Priority access to the best barristers in the country

Our firm has priority access to some of the best barristers in the UK, meaning there’s no better chance of your case being successfully defended in a Court when looking to contest a speeding ticket.

Clear pricing from our speeding solicitors

Our solicitor for speeding offences not one of those firms that hide our fees and leave our clients with a huge sum to pay after the case has come to an end. Instead, we pride ourselves on clearly explaining our fees right the way through the process (even from your first consultation!), allowing you to understand when – and how much – you will be charged to be defended by our solicitors for speeding.

Not sure what to do about your speeding ticket?

Receiving a letter to your home that informs you about a fine or speeding summons can be devastating, even if the offence is only minor. However, you don’t have to accept it and suffer in silence.

We have an expert team of speeding offence solicitors that can clearly explain your options and allow you to understand the best route for appealing a speeding ticket.

Solicitors for speeding offences and defence lawyers

To get the ball rolling on your speeding case and speak about the chance of our expert speeding solicitors representing you in Court to appeal a speeding ticket, simply get in touch with us online or call us on 0330 053 7117.

Having helped hundreds of clients get a reduced fine and prevent them from losing their driving license, our solicitor for speeding offences are confident that we can help you, too by explaining complex speeding laws.



Will I always be offered a speed awareness course? Generally, speed awareness courses are only offered if the offence was minor. However, our solicitors have previously been successful in swapping penalty points or fines in cases where they were not offered – and it may be possible for you when looking to contest a speeding ticket.

Can you help with an NIP? NIPs are more commonly known as speeding tickets. Our team of speeding solicitors are able to help appeal these cases.

Could I be charged with any other motoring offences through speeding? In severe cases, it’s possible that you could also be charged with other offences. For example, if you have been caught speeding excessively, you may be charged with dangerous driving.

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