Tractor Accident Claims

As agriculture is one of the more dangerous industries to work in accidents tend to happen quite frequently.  So if you have been in an accident and it involved a Tractor you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

The main risks are to tractor drivers as due to the nature of their work they tend to drive on steep and slippery inclines. It is important that people who work in the agricultural field are given full training.  This applies to both the driver and people working alongside agricultural vehicles, including tractors.

It is also important that the tractor is maintained to a high standard as injuries involving tractors can be serious and even life changing.  If precautions are not being taken and you are involved in a tractor accident then you may want to claim for compensation.  To see how much a tractor claim can be then you may want to think about getting some advice.

Tractor Accident – where can they happen?

You can be involved in a tractor accident on both a farm or in the public.

Tractor accident on a farm

Accidents at work involving tractors can cause serious life changing injuries even fatalities and farm employers are required to work under legal regulations to cover the safety of the farm worker, which are:

Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1993. These Regulations place a duty of care on farm employers to ensure a safe working environment for their workers.  The regulations stipulate the safe operation and movement around the environment.

Provision and use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.  These regulations focus on the training in the use of work equipment this includes tractors. These regulations also stipulate maintenance of work related equipment is up-kept and the equipment is safe to operate.

The HSE offer further advice on tractor accidents:

Daily checks – vehicles should have a daily check and any defects reported and rectified before the tractor is operated.

Repairs – faults should be reported and repaired immediately and for the tractor not to be used until all safety checks are carried out.

Roll over protective structures – these should be fitted in the tractor in the event of it possibly overturning to minimise injury.

Loading / overloading – Ensure the vehicle or what is attached to the vehicle is not overloaded and or loaded correctly to reduce tractor accidents and reduce the chance of possible overturning.

Seat Belts – Ensure that seat belts are fitted and being worn by the tractor driver to reduce injury when involved in a tractor accident.

If a farm employer fails in their duty to provide a safe working environment then they may be deemed as negligent and be responsible for a personal injury compensation.

Tractor accident on a road

Severe personal injury can be as a result of  tractor accidents on the road also.  In cases when a tractor collides with another vehicle then the damage and injury sustained can be substantial. Life threatening or fatal.

Responsibility for a tractor accident on the road can be as a result of one or both parties.  In these cases then responsibility may be split.  This decision will be made on the evidence provided and compensation will depend on the proportion of blame.

Can I make a claim for a tractor accident?

At the time of the accident get as much information as you can.  will help when making a tractor accident claim.

  • Date & time of accident
  • Location of accident
  • Details leading up to and surrounding the accident
  • Witnesses, were there any and if so get details to obtain a witness statement
  • Medical treatment (did you call for an ambulance)
  • Photographs of both the scene of the accident and any visible injuries
  • Anything else even if you think it is irrelevant

How long does claim for a tractor accident take and how much is a tractor claim worth?

A tractor accident claim and how much a tractor claim settlement will depend on the circumstances surrounding it as every claim is individual.

The more straightforward the claim then the quicker it will be settled. However for more complex claims the time can be a lot longer.

Complex claims can include the following which the court will take into consideration:

  • Serious injury – is the injury life changing, potentially fatal, has been fatal
  • Medical Treatment – what medical treatment has been administered and what do future medical treatments/rehabilitation involve
  • Lifestyle – has your home life and lifestyle been affected due to the severity of your injury
  • Loss of earnings & future loss of earnings – has the accident resulted in loss of earnings and had an effect on future earnings.
  • Household adaptions – has your injury been serious and has resulted in house adaptions to take place and at what cost and inconvenience.
  • Psychological – what has the emotional effect been both during the accident and what long lasting effects have it had?

Deciding on how much is a tractor claim is decided taking all of the above into account.

No win, No Fee Tractor Accident Compensation?

Tractor AccidentsTo get the ball rolling why not book in for a FREE telephone consultation by ringing 0330 053 7117 or you can go to our online page and request a call back.   One of our personal injury solicitors will help to answer any questions you have after a tractor accident.

We understand that after an accident you may be feeling distressed and anxious and might not know how much making a claim will cost. This is where we come in.  With our No Win, No Fee service you will be relieved to know there will not be any hidden up front costs to pay.

We will also arrange for private treatment and any other treatment you may need to ease any pain and discomfort you may be in.

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