Traffic Light Offences

Have you been charged with a traffic light offence and are looking for an expert team of motoring lawyers to defend you in Court and press for a better outcome?

Here at 1Solicitors, we have an industry-leading team who are passionate about reducing the effects that a traffic light offence charge can have on your life. Continuously working to limit fines, avoid driving disqualifications and offering 24/7 legal support, we’re confident that we can help you appeal penalties for traffic offences and present you in Court.

Traffic light offences in the UK

In the UK, red traffic light offences are amongst some of the most common types of driving offence. Overall, more than 67,000 motorists (the equivalent to 184 people every day!) were given points or a fine for going through a red light in 2015. Police officers have also reported an increase in offenders with 8% more offences than the previous year.

How do you get a traffic light penalty?

Traffic light offences are handed out if you have been found to run through a red light or fail to stop for any other road signs (such as no entry roads).

The majority of motorists are caught-out by failing to stop at a traffic light by small cameras attached to the set of lights. These are trigged to take photos of any cars moving beyond the white line on the road, providing evidence of why you should be awarded penalties for traffic offences.

However, even if you have been photographed driving through a red light, our team of offence solicitors are still able to help. We can put together a compelling defence to claim that the offence happened for special reasons, or fight your corner for a reduced fine or driving ban after receiving a traffic light penalty.

Can I get fined for driving through amber lights?

Drivers on UK roads are obliged to stop at traffic lights unless a green light is shown. Amber lights mean that you should stop unless it isn’t safe to do so (such as traveling at high speed with a vehicle behind you), or you’ve already crossed the white line on the floor. If you do this, you may be given penalties for traffic offences.

Consequences of red light traffic offences

If you’ve been caught committing a red traffic light offence, the type of consequence that you may receive depends on the severity of the incident. This may include:

Fixed Penalty Notices

The most common consequence of driving through a red light is a fine and three penalty points on your driving license. This type of fine is usually £60. However, this consequence (often called a Fixed Penalty Notice) is only issued for minor cases.

Even though receiving points from this incident won’t cause you to lose your license in the long-term, it’s important to remember that if it is not your first offence, you could be disqualified from driving under the totting-up ban law.

Driving disqualifications

If you’ve committed a larger red traffic light offence, there is a possibility of receiving a driving disqualification and a hefty fine of up to £1,000.

Driver awareness courses

In some cases, motorists who have gone through a red light may be offered a driver awareness course. Costing between £85 and £110, these training programs take half a day to complete and can be exchanged for a larger fine or penalty points.

At 1Solicitors, we work together to understand the best outcome for your individual needs. For that reason, our solicitors may prepare a defence strategy to take this course as opposed to another fine, although this will always be discussed with you before taking the offer to Court.

Court processes for traffic offences

In the majority of cases, offenders who have run through a red light will receive a Fixed Penalty Notice to their home address within 14 days of the incident. This will ask you to name the driver of the vehicle and accept responsibility. If you accept, you will then receive the three penalty points and fine without having to attend a Court hearing.

However, for more serious offences (or those who do not accept the Fixed Penalty Notice), you may be invited to a Court hearing to discuss the case and the consequences of the traffic light event. When this happens, it’s essential to discuss your options with a professional motoring solicitor and allow time to build a strong defence case, on your behalf.

How to make an appeal against penalties for traffic offences

In order to make a red traffic light offence appeal, we advise working with our team of expert motoring solicitors to find the best route for a suitable outcome. A handful of defence strategies that we have successfully used include providing evidence to support:

  • Faulty or confusing signage
  • Pre-warning amber lights being set at a too-short time frame for you to stop the vehicle
  • Special reasons, such as allowing an emergency vehicle past or preventing a serious accident
  • That you didn’t actually cross the traffic light at the time of the offence

Why choose our solicitors to appeal a fine for going through a red light?

When you get our team of solicitors to work on your traffic light penalty, it’s not just our extensive experience that will help to improve the success rate of your case. In fact, we also offer:

24/7 legal support

When you’re anticipating a Court hearing or struggling to understand how you can appeal your traffic light penalty, worries can happen at any time of the day. This is why we automatically offer 24/7 legal support for our clients, allowing you to get instant advice that is tailored for your own unique situation.

Priority access to the best barristers in the country

Along with this constant support, our solicitors’ firm has priority access to some of the best barristers in the company. With an astonishing success rate of appealing penalties for traffic offences, it’s an offering that we’re proud to have.

Clear pricing

When you proceed with our legal team to defend you in Court for your fine for going through a red light, you’ll understand your fees – right from the outset. We don’t have any hidden charges or surprise costs and a clear financial plan is given from your first initial appointment to discuss your traffic light penalty.

Not sure what to do about your traffic light offence?

Being handed a Fixed Penalty Notice or a letter to inform you of a red traffic light offence penalty is a scary experience. But, you don’t have to face it alone!

To enquire about how we can help, our previous success stories or begin working on your penalties for traffic offences defence strategy, contact us or call 0330 053 7117.


Do I have to attend Court myself? Whilst our team of traffic light offence solicitors can speak on your behalf when defending the case in Court, you are still obliged to attend the hearing. Failure to do so may result in other charges and/or a warrant for your arrest.

What if it wasn’t me driving the car at the time of the offence? We understand that your partner, family or friends may use your car. If they are pictured driving through a red light in your vehicle, you will receive a Fixed Penalty Notice in which you can name the person driving. This will avoid you having to pay the fine and accept the points associated with the red traffic light offence.

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