Train Accident Compensation

Although train accidents are uncommon, when they happen they can have a devastating impact due to the speed in which they travel at and also the number of passengers on-board.

What causes train accidents?

Some causes of train accidents can be:

  • Signal failure
  • Human error
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Broken or damaged tracks
  • Mechanical failure
  • People or obstructions on the tracks
  • Other trains or vehicles
  • Items falling from overhead storage

Adverse weather conditions can impact objects such as trees, which ought to have been properly maintained, being blown onto the tracks. There is a duty to ensure proper and adequate maintenance of the train tracks allowing the identification and removal of obstacles to ensure a safe travel passage. Snow and ice can also cause a train to skid just like a car causing a train accident.

Although collisions with other trains are very rare, they can sometimes happen as a result of

mechanical errors for signalling. People or vehicles on the tracks can also cause train accidents especially at level crossings.

What to do if you have been involved in a train accident today

  • Seek medical attention. If you have been involved in a major trauma, you should contact the emergency services or otherwise consult your GP if your injuries are minor.
  • Take photographs of injuries you have suffered or internal problems on the carriage that have caused the injury. Photographs greatly assist from an evidential point, particularly where sustained injuries have healed up and are no longer visible.
  • Make sure you have the details for any witnesses, full names, addresses, contact phone numbers and emails.
  • It is helpful to obtain contact details for other passengers who can either witness your presence and injury and also may wish to claim with you for their injuries.

Can I claim for a train accident?

Claiming for a train accident depends on the circumstances and providing basic conditions are met, then the answer is yes.

When you travel by train the train company is responsible for your safety. This means that even if you are injured by for example a passenger’s luggage falling onto you from overhead, the train company are still responsible.

There can be certain circumstances where the train company may not be liable for the accident. An example would be if the accident was caused by improper maintenance of the trainlines which the train company pay a charge to use.

If this is the case for you it may be advisable for you to seek advice from a solicitor on what to do next.

Can I claim for a train accident inside the train?

Sometimes people can be injured inside the train due to an unsafe environment inside the train.  These can be caused by:

  • Spillages not cleared up causing passengers to slip
  • Sharp edges causing cuts
  • Luggage areas both on ground level and overhead not designed or maintained properly

If you have suffered a personal injury as a result of an unsafe environment inside a train then you may be able to make a personal injury claim against the train company.

What damages can I claim for?

You may be able to make a claim for the following:

  • Medical costs including hospital
  • Future medical and hospital costs
  • Loss of earnings this includes past, future and earning capacity
  • general damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenities of life

Can I make a claim if I am a railway worker?

Railway workers can claim for accidents at work as their employer has a duty of care to ensure a safe working environment. If you are an employee who has suffered an accident at work on a train, you should ensure you have made clear record within the accident log book and also keep a copy of this.

No Win No Fee train accident compensation

Train Accident Compensation We are proud to include train accident claims within our no win no fee policy which mean’s you wont need to pay a penny upfront to start your claim or a penny from your pocket if your claim is unsuccessful in the rare occasion.

If you wish to see how we can, you can contact us on 0330 053 7117 to arrange a FREE consultation today.


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