What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Even the most careful motorcyclists sometimes become involved in motorcycle accidents. These unfortunate incidents can be costly, frustrating, and lead to severe injury.  Motorcyclists are vulnerable on the road due to other vehicles, pedestrians, blind spots on country lanes and uneven road surfacing’s. Your actions immediately following an accident and later on can significantly influence how such an event will impact you.

We have made a step by step approach of what you should do following a motorcycle accident:

1. Has anyone been injured after the motorbike accident today? If yes, seek medical attention

The first thing you should do if you are involved in a motorcycle accident is to make sure everyone involved is alright, if anyone requires medical attention you should call 999 immediately.

No matter how minor the injuries are, it is advisable to seek medical attention to evidence that you actually sustained an injury. This can prove helpful, if your injuries further deteriorate and you need to consult with a motorcycle accident claims solicitors.

2. Have all parties involved in the motorbike accident been moved to a safe location?

If possible all parties involved in the motorcycle accident and there vehicles should be moved to a safe location e.g at the side of the road. If you are unable to do this use your hazard lights or place a traffic cone to alert oncoming traffic.

3. Swap details with anyone else involved in the motorcycle accident

It is not unusual for people involved in a motorcycle accident to forget obtaining the basic details of parties involved. This is extremely helpful for your insurer and also motorcycle accident solicitor if you choose to instruct one to pursue a claim for personal injury.

Details of parties involved you should look to obtain as a minimum are their name, address, phone number, insurance details and details of there vehicle such as the make/ model and registration of all parties involved.

4. Take note of the location of the motorcycle accident

Once you have established that everyone is safe it is important to take note of the accident location. Where, When and how. Try to make note of the time, road conditions and estimate the speed which the vehicles were travelling on. If possible obtain photographic evidence of the accident scene. If the accident was due to defects in the road, ensure photographs are taken of such areas and there surroundings. If the accident is reported to the council, the risk is they can repair the defect, so always have the evidence ready.

5. Call the police

If anyone is injured or the damage to your vehicle is severe contact the police, The police report can be vital in your efforts to recover for vehicle damage, clothing and your own injuries.It is possible that the accident could have been caught on CCTV, The police would be able to assist with this as evidence.

6. Were there any witnesses to the motorcycle accident?

If any witnesses are present talk to them, record there details and any comments regarding the motorcycle accident circumstances.

7. Retain damaged property

It is important that after a motorcycle accident that you do not dispose of any damaged property e.g your motorbike and clothing. This could be used as evidence. You should instead get a quote for the cost of any damage to your motorbike. You should keep a record of your expenses so that if you do pursue a motorcycle accident claim, these expenses could be included.

8. Do not admit fault unless you are absolutely sure you were responsible for the motorcycle accident

Do not admit fault unless you are absolutely certain the accident was caused by you entirely. People often apologise for being involved in a motorcycle accident even when its not there fault. Be careful what you say, after such an event you are often left in a state of shock and often you will not be able to recollect details exactly until hours or days later.

Many of the above steps may be difficult depending upon how serious your motorcycle accident but remember, above all else, your first concern should always be safety and medical attention for you and anyone else involved in the accident.

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