Can I Claim Compensation for my Bike Accident?

Unfortunately, bike crash accidents are very common in the UK and can happen within any area. From being injured after colliding with a vehicle or being hit by a moving car when you’re entering or exiting a busy road.

However, if you’ve suffered from a bike crash accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation. This payout can cover the injuries that you sustained, as well as the cost of any medical treatment that you had to have as a result of the collision.

In this article, we’ve shared how you can know if you’re able to apply for compensation for a bike accident, as well as the simple bike accident claim tips to improve the chances of your case being successful:

Types of bike crash accident

According to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, around 75% of serious cycling accidents happen in urban areas. The same volume of crashes happen at, or near, a road junction, meaning that the most common type of bike crash accidents happens on roads where cyclists collide with vehicles.

Turning into junctions

Because cyclists mainly ride their bike on the left-hand side of a main road, the majority of cycling accidents that involve vehicles happen when the driver doesn’t look in their mirror before entering or exiting a junction.

Most likely to happen when a motorist fails to check their left-hand mirror when turning off a road, this type of bike accident may mean that you’re eligible to make a cycling accident compensation claim.

Entering the road from a pavement

Accidents can also happen when a cyclist enters a main road from a separate cycling path or pavement.

Also occurring when a cyclist crosses the road at a pedestrian crossing, this type of bike crash accident may not result in you being eligible to claim compensation. This is because an accident like this is usually the fault of the cyclist for not checking that their surroundings are free from oncoming vehicles.

Child compensation for bike accidents

Approximately 10% of cyclists that are killed or injured in UK cycling accidents are children but you may be surprised to learn that if your child is involved in a bike crash accident, you may be able to claim compensation on their behalf.

However, somebody else (such as a motorist) must be liable for the accident in order to make a successful claim. This means that if the accident came as a result of your child cyclist playing or riding too fast, you may not be entitled to bike accident compensation.

Am I entitled to bike accident compensation?

As you can see, the complications surrounding cycling accident crashes can have an impact on your overall health, as well as the likelihood of your claim for compensation being successful.

Bike accident claim tips

However, if you suspect that you may be entitled for compensation for your accident, it’s still worth getting in touch with a lawyer that offers no-win, no-fee agreements to discuss your options without being financially affected.

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